Fees for 2019/20

1. Application Fee
£50 (non-returnable) is payable at the time of making the application.  This fee covers all administrative costs for the Application.

2.Tuition Fees      
Tuition fees for those students in Years 7, 8 and 9 (KS3) and who join in the Academic Year 2018/19 will be £3,240 per annum.  Tuition fees for those students in Years 10 and 11 (KS4) joining in the Academic Year 2019/20 will be £3,600 per annum. No allowance will be made in fees for any student being absent through illness, exclusion or other cause.  Should there be any further amendment to the fee structure, you will be notified in writing, minimum of one term, prior to any change taking effect.

Fees are payable by one of the following methods:
(a) Yearly – due date for payment is by the end of the first week of the first term of each academic year.
(b) Termly – due date for payment is by the end of the first week of each new term (3 terms).
(c) Monthly – due date for payment is the 27th of each month via standing order in advance and will be subject to a credit check from an independent external agency. Any associated costs are to be borne by parents.

3. Exam Fees
Payable prior to a student being entered for any external exams. Late payment of exam fees will incur Administration charges. Please note: Students registered with Al-Noor will not be allowed to sit exams at other centres.

4. Advance Fee
At the time of registration, having accepted the place and prior to your child commencing at Al-Noor, an advance fee (deposit) of £1,000 is required. This amount is non-refundable, should you subsequently decide not to send your child to Al-Noor.  The advance payment will be used towards the last term’s tuition fees in your child’s final academic year or during the notice period when you give the required notice in writing of your intent to withdraw your child as per our notice dates below.

5. Arrears
The following procedures are at the discretion of the Head Teacher:
(a) If the tuition fee is not received by the due date, an administration charge of £50 will be applied.
(b) If the tuition fee is not received within 21 days from the due date you will need to make an appointment to discuss the arrears. Failure to do so may result in your child being excluded.
(c) If it has been necessary to exclude a student for non-payment of tuition fees, a Re-Admission Fee of £100 will be applied.

6. Books
Parents are required to purchase necessary study books for their child’s use. A detailed book list is provided for each year group at the end of the summer term.

7. Other Activities
The cost of any external sporting activities and/or educational visits arranged by AL-NOOR will be requested from parents.

8. Notice Dates for Students Leaving

Should you wish to withdraw your child, parents will be required to give a written notice as per the following dates:

Notice given between 27th August and 26th December (Term 1) fees payable until end of Term 2
Notice given between 27th December and 26th April (Term 2)  fees payable until end of Term 3
Notice given between 27th April and 26th August (Term 3)  fees payable until end of Term 1 (new Academic Year)
Please note:  If a student is permanently excluded, fees will be payable as stated above.Upon receipt of the notice a Leavers Statement will be sent to the parents.

You are to indemnify us in full and hold us harmless from all expenses and liabilities we may incur following any breach by you of any obligations under these terms and conditions. This means that if you do not comply with the financial arrangement, you are liable to us for any additional costs we may incur in recovering the amount due to us including debt collection and legal costs.