Al Noor college Birmingham

Admission Policy
In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Kind

  1. Rationale

1.1 To provide a fair admission policy for all pupils seeking places at Al-Noor College.

1.2 To provide Year 6 pupils transferring to from Birmingham feeder schools and from schools/countries outside Birmingham with a smooth and supported transition to Secondary School.

  1. Broad Goals

2.1 To make the admission of new pupils administratively efficient and to ensure the best possible opportunity for new pupils to settle into school quickly.

2.2 To ensure that requests for admission from whatever source (school reception, telephone, email) follow the same procedure and are seen to be fair and equitable.

2.3 In years that are full, to facilitate the administration of a waiting list.

  1. Pupil and Other Outcomes

3.1 Pupils that settle into the school quickly with the minimum disruption to themselves and others.

3.2 All pupil information, including previous UK school records collected within two weeks of a pupil being admitted to Al-Noor College.

3.3 To ensure that those pupils who seek admission to Al-Noor College who have additional needs are offered the appropriate level of assessment, induction, support and mentoring that is available to all new pupils.

3.4 Staff are informed efficiently and quickly of the arrival of new pupils.

  1. Implementation

4.1 Parents / Admission requests for Year 6 pupils follow the Admissions Procedure detailed below and are dealt with by the Headteacher.

4.2 Carers and pupils requesting a place at Al-Noor College are offered an initial interview, pupil assessment and guided tour of the school at the first available appointment sessions.

4.3 Appointments are available fortnightly depending on capacity. Siblings are given appointments together.

4.4 In school years where Al-Noor College has reached capacity, the Headteacher administers the waiting list and offers the initial interview as places become available. The waiting list operates with pupils living nearest to the school being given precedence. The wait for appointments however is subject to delay if demand is high.

4.5 In school years where there are places the school allocates initial interview appointments as places are requested.

4.6 Requests for places from any outside agencies follow the same Admission Procedure as all other casual admission requests.

4.7 The decision to admit any pupil requesting admission is taken by the Headteacher and Senior Management Team three days after the initial interview/assessment of their needs has taken place.

4.8 Pupils offered a place at Al-Noor College start school the week following their initial interview if mid-term.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation

5.1 Monitoring of admission requests is conducted weekly by the Headteacher.

5.2 The procedure adopted each academic year is determined by a thorough analysis of the previous year’s admission patterns and the number of places available within the school. This is then reviewed each term in the light of current demand.

5.3 An analysis is undertaken each year reviewing admission, assessment, induction and the progress made by casual admissions.

5.4 The teachers will monitor the effective induction of new pupils and feedback and concerns to the Headteacher.

 – Admissions Procedure

If you wish to apply for a place at Al-Noor College, we would like to invite you for an informal chat in the first instance. This will be an opportunity to explain the structure of the school and answer any queries you may have. You will also be given an Application Form to complete.

As Al-Noor College selects its pupils on the basis of high academic ability, your daughter will be required to sit the school’s own entrance tests in Science, English and Maths. There is a non-refundable administration fee of £50 payable on completion of the Application Form and before the test date.

After the test, you and your daughter will be invited back for a feedback session where we will also require your daughter’s most recent school report and attendance record. If all is well, then an offer of a place will be made.